8 Essential Travel Tips for Your Vacation Road Trip Adventure

Are You Ready to Travel?

Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.” Mark Twain

It’s been a long cold and snowy winter. More snow than I’ve seen in my entire life. Though I loved most every minute, I am thrilled to see sunshine beginning to peep through. I’ve felt a couple of teaser spring time breezes tickle my face. I am beginning to experience the stirrings of spring fever and am almost giddy over the thought of quickly-approaching summer. The prospect of our upcoming road trip is no doubt, what is adding to my exhilaration. I am pondering what Dr. Seuss must have meant when he said, “Oh, the places you’ll go.”

I’m certain you are feeling the same as you start to formulate your spring and summer plans. After all, it has been a very long year of restrictions and uncertainty. Had you heard, on April 1, New York State is finally opening up to travelers from all over the country? No longer will vacationers be required to quarantine upon arrival. This is exciting news! And, of course, many states throughout the country have been open for quite a while.

What are your Travel Plans?


It's time for vacation travel
It’s time for vacation travel

What are you in the mood to do this year? Are you going to Visit Local, exploring nooks and crannies you’ve not yet discovered in your own back yard? Or, do you plan to spread your wings and travel long-distance? Will you pack up the car and travel the *blue roads? Or, do you want to fly to far away shores?

Road Trip!


vacation travel road map
Vacation travel road map

Not everyone considers days cooped up in the car to be an interesting proposition. This mode of travel does take a fair amount of planning. Especially if you’re traveling with children. But, with the proper preparation, this style of vacationing can help you to create memories you never would have thought possible. Here is a compilation of road trip planning details:

Car Safety

Since you’ll be putting quite a few miles on your car, and may find yourself in isolated locales, it is vital to ensure your car is road worthy before you leave your driveway. Allstate has a good article that covers necessary maintenance tips. It is equally important your car is stocked with emergency gear, such as: your car manual, jumper cables, water, oil and a flashlight.

First Aid Kit

Because accidents are a very real possibility, always pack a basic first aid kit. And, of course, don’t forget your masks, latex gloves and hand sanitizer.

Luggage and Organizers

The type of luggage you decide to use depends on your type of travel. Do you need duffels or wheeled suitcases? Soft or hard case? Here’s a very informative article from Smarter Travel that will help you determine what will fit your needs best. Many travel exports suggest packing organizers. This is an especially good idea if you are traveling with family. Everyone can have their own colors or patterns, which makes locating each person’s stuff all the easier. They also make unpacking a breeze. Just pop them out of the luggage and into your destination’s drawers.


Plan your entertainment well before your trip. This includes: music, podcasts, books on tape and even movies for the kids in the back seat. Speaking from experience, I recommend everyone bring individual ear buds.

Electronic Accessories

Everyone has different electronic needs. So, bring what makes you happy. But, don’t forget your accessories!

  • Charger(s), including one or more for the car
  • Adapter(s) if you’re traveling abroad
  • Extra batteries
  • External battery pack/recharger
  • Extra memory cards
  • Ethernet cable for faster, more reliable Internet access in hotel rooms
  • Microfiber cloth to keep displays and lenses clean


You’ll all be sitting for hours at a time, so it’s crucial to ensure everyone is comfortable. This starts with your layered attire and ends with other cozy items. The well-being of the driver is top priority. Make sure he or she has a good lumbar pillow to relieve back pressure. Squishy travel pillows for everyone else is also a good idea. Maybe a cozy blanket and soft socks. And, of course, shoes that easily slip on and off. Bring along a windbreaker-type jacket to keep you warm and dry.


Snacks help break the monotony and give you energy. Your choice of munchies is determined by personal preference, but it’s always a good idea to bring light, healthy finger foods, such as: fruits, nuts and a limited amount of sweets, along with bottled water. Don’t forget to bring along a good supply of trash bags.


The main purpose of a road trip is to take time to slow down and enjoy your surroundings. This is, indeed, one of those times where the journey is equally as important as the destination. Stop now and again. Enjoy a picnic or stop at a local attraction for a few hours. Sometimes, end the day’s driving a little early to enjoy a town you’ve always wanted to see.

Arriving at your Vacation Destination

One of the most perfect family destinations is the Estate at Fly Creek. Located in Upstate New York, right outside of Cooperstown, this secluded 9,000-square-foot, eight bedroom estate, situated on 335-acres of pastures, woods and a private spring-fed lake offers every kind of fun your family yearns for. Kids of all ages can run, climb, swim and paddle to their heart’s content. At the end of each day, whip up a hearty meal in one of the two fully-stocked kitchens and then settle down around the fire pit to toast the day with wine and s’mores. Repeat tomorrow.

Check it out or call 607-547-5216 to learn more. We’d love to hear from you.


*Blue Highways is a term coined by William Least Heat Moon to refer to secondary roads, which appeared in blue in older Rand McNally road atlases. In the book, Mr. Least Heat Moon explains that these roads often are more scenic, more relaxed, more suitable for leisurely explorative trips.

Bobbi Parke

Bobbi Parke is one of the estate's caretakers and guest hosts. She and hubby spend much of their time readying the house for guests, keeping the property in tip-top condition and caring for the chickens and alpacas. They know they've done a good job when they witness the look of the joy in their guests' faces.

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