The Ultimate Dude Ranch Experience in Upstate NY

Discover the Authentic Ranch Lifestyle at The Estate

Step into the all-encompassing embrace of the outdoors at our premier dude ranch set in the heart of upstate New York. Merging rustic traditions with contemporary luxuries, The Estate offers an unparalleled dude ranch experience, whether you’re an adventurer at heart or seeking a serene escape from the urban hustle.

Indulge in Distinctive Ranch Activities

Our dude ranch captivates guests with an array of activities tailored to every preference:

Horseback Riding: Traverse the scenic trails of upstate New York on horseback, with rides suitable for both novices and seasoned equestrians.

Shooting: Test your aim with shooting sessions, using your own firearms. Set up targets, or shoot skeet amidst our expansive grounds.

Fishing: Experience the serenity of fishing in our private lake teeming with bass.

Snowmobiling: Rev up your winter adventure with miles of snowmobiling trails, offering both leisurely rides and exhilarating sprints.

Indoor Pool: Dive into relaxation or engage in playful splashes in our luxurious indoor pool.

Private Lake Retreat: Besides fishing, our serene lake also invites you to kayak, paddleboard or simply sit by its banks and immerse in nature.

Cowboy Cookouts: Revel in a delightful evening under the stars with an authentic cowboy cookout, and cook your meal outside on a fire under the stars.

Evening Campfires: Wrap up the day beside a crackling campfire, indulging in tales of yesteryears and savoring roasted treats.

Why The Estate as Your New York Dude Ranch?

  • Luxury accommodations unlike anywhere else in the area ensure each moment of your stay is enveloped in comfort and style, while still being enthralled in nature.

  • Strategic proximity to other vibrant attractions of upstate New York.

  • A team deeply devoted to making your dude ranch experience truly memorable.

    Unearth the rich traditions, delve into spirited adventures, and let the untouched beauty of upstate New York bring you and your boys the experience of a lifetime. Reserve your authentic dude ranch retreat now! For more information, view our rates page, call us at (607) 547-5216, or contact us.