Visit Nearby Fly Creek in the Scenic Byway Corridor

Fly Creek is in the Heart of the Scenic Byway Corridor

Last week, we highlighted Route 20, America’s Main Street and New York’s longest highway, noting that 30 miles on either side of the Scenic Byway is considered the Scenic Byway Corridor. The Scenic Byway travels through Richfield Springs, East Springfield and Cherry Valley – all with their own special charm.

We, here in Fly Creek, smack dab in the heart of the Central New York Region, are happy to be located within the Corridor, in Otsego County.

We, too, have historic sites, specialty shops, breweries, wineries and distilleries, farmers’ markets and community events, as well museums and even baseball nestled into our own cozy little communities.

The hamlet of Fly Creek, a rural community about 10 minutes west of the village of Cooperstown, is close enough to many northeast American cities for great family vacations without incurring the time or expense of long-distance travel. If you live in one of these cities, you can get here by car within a matter of hours.

  • 264 miles west of Boston
  • 141 miles east and northeast of Buffalo
  • 196 miles northwest of NYC
  • 220 miles north and northwest of Philadelphia
  • 290 miles northeast of Washington DC
  • 212 miles southwest of Montreal
  • 165 miles southeast of Ottawa
  • 168 miles east and southeast of Toronto


Cooperstown: A Must-See Destination Spot

The village of Cooperstown, the absolute perfect family vacation spot, is about 10 minutes east of Fly Creek, on dazzling Lake Otsego.

Ranking as #12 in Best Places to Visit in NY State, Cooperstown is known as the Village of Museums, hosting both The Farmers’ Museum and Fenimore Art Museum, among others.

The Fenimore Art Museum has one of the finest collections of American, Folk, and Native American art in the world. The Farmers’ Museum is a working village that recreates life and business of the 19th century, with a plethora of fascinating displays, demonstrations, and programs that immerse us in days gone by. Kids of all ages amaze at the old-timey country fair with games, activities and attractions.

I am about to admit something. But, if you tell anyone, I will deny it. I do not know the first thing about most sports – especially baseball. There! I said it. When I first arrived here last summer, I really couldn’t understand all this baseball hoopla. Now I get it. Cooperstown really is a magnet for all things baseball. Wait til you see the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum

Cooperstown Dreams Park Experience

The Cooperstown Dreams Park Experience is an amazing 11-week baseball tournament for kids age 12 and under – all of whom compete against other teams from all across the country. We see hundreds of families traveling to our area all summer long – from June through early September. That’s why there are so many types and sizes of accommodations and eateries throughout the area.

And, that’s why you want to make your reservations early if you’d like to come to Cooperstown, Fly Creek, or any other nearby town during the summer months.

Families thrill at the thought of coming to the Estate at Fly Creek during the Dreams Park Experience. With eight bedrooms, all with en suite bathrooms, and two full kitchens, multiple families can all stay together and play together. Everyone has a good time!

Make Your Reservation Now!

We like to say, ‘Play ball in Cooperstown. Have a ball in Fly Creek!’ If you’re planning to attend the Dreams Park Experience, or if you live in one of the nearby cities mentioned earlier, now is the best time to make your summertime reservation for Estate at Fly Creek. Check our rates and availabilities or call today at 607-547-5212!

Bobbi Parke

Bobbi Parke is one of the estate's caretakers and guest hosts. She and hubby spend much of their time readying the house for guests, keeping the property in tip-top condition and caring for the chickens and alpacas. They know they've done a good job when they witness the look of the joy in their guests' faces.

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