Experience the Splendor at Fly Creek, NY

Let Me Tell You About My Experience

As one-half of the caretaker couple here at the luxury vacation rental home, Estate at Fly Creek, I have the unique opportunity to continually experience the splendor and magnificence this country estate in Upstate New York has to offer. And, I have the pleasure of hosting our vacationing guests – ensuring their stay is everything they’d hoped.

Because of this, I speak from a unique vantage point. That of one who is a witness to the ever-changing majesty of this part of the country and one who has learned what makes travelers happy.

A Little About Us

Packing up our lives to move from the southern comfort of North Carolina to a more brisk Upstate New York was most definitely a life-altering experience. We crossed multiple states in order to begin this new chapter of our lives, and were thrilled with what we found and what we are still discovering.

Coming to NY was the furthest thing from our minds. That is, until we had a look at photos of this glorious holiday home. We were hooked! We wanted to live here. We wanted to become part of this extraordinary place and to work to make every nook and cranny shiny and lovely. We wanted to get to know the horses, alpacas and chickens. Granted, the horses are not our responsibility. But, the others are. And for these suburbanites, learning about animal care has been a real educational experience. A little intimidating. But, oh so rewarding.

From the moment we arrived, in late July 2020, our tutelage began. Yes. We had the necessary skills for the job. But, we needed to hone them to perfection. That is to ensure every interior surface is clean and sanitized. Every loose knob is tightened. Every animal has fresh straw, hay, food and water available. But, more than that – all tasks are undertaken with loving care.

It’s important to us that our guests know, from the moment they turn onto Bedbug Hill Road, they are in for a most memorable vacation.

Why Chronicle Life at the Estate at Fly Creek?

I want to take you along on our journey of discoveries. Discoveries of this part of America. This part of the state of New York. Otsego County. And, the Hamlet of Fly Creek – near the Village of Cooperstown.

I want to entice you to come and see us. I hope I am successful in my quest. Because, once you come here, you will never want to leave. Whether you come to play for a long weekend, or come to work remotely for an extended stay. Whether you’re traveling from afar, or visiting local. Whether you’re creating family memories or organizing a business retreat. And, if you’re planning a wedding? What a stunning venue you will find with us!

The First Question Answered – Sort of

The first question I had is where the heck is Upstate New York? Seems like a simple enough question. Not so! Ask everyone, and you’ll get a different answer. That’s because there is no physical border to Upstate.

Some say the border begins around Albany. Others say Syracuse. But, believe it or not, most will simply say, “Not in the City.” or “North of the City.” The city being the Big Apple – or NYC – which is near the very southern point of the state.

For over six months now, I’ve been telling folks the Estate at Fly Creek is in Central NY. Even though that is the physical location, I have now finally realized we are, indeed, located in Upstate New York – because we are ‘North of the City.’

Is this how you define Upstate New York? Please tell me if I’ve figured it out or if I’m still off-track.

If my weekly journals pique your interest, you are more than welcome to come visit the Estate at Fly Creek. We’ll be happy to give you the tour. Then, you’ll be off to make your own discoveries and create your own special memories. If you’d like to share your experiences or photos taken, I’d love to write about them here.

Bobbi Parke

Bobbi Parke is one of the estate's caretakers and guest hosts. She and hubby spend much of their time readying the house for guests, keeping the property in tip-top condition and caring for the chickens and alpacas. They know they've done a good job when they witness the look of the joy in their guests' faces.

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